Cork sheets

Cork in construction as a thermal insulation material

Natural cork at home - take care of the environment and choose our products

ecological raw material obtained from nature

properties that have been known since ancient times

Natural cork is a very valuable material with unique properties. It is distinguished primarily by a low thermal conductivity coefficient, which makes it one of the best thermal insulation materials. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is used instead of expanded polystyrene in the form of expanded cork for thermal insulation of building walls.

Cork sheets

as a decorative motif and room insulation

Cork wall is popular, which, apart from their natural warming up room appearance, also ensures a constant and pleasant temperature. Cork sheets are also a great way to silence a given interior, because cork boards do not transmit vibrations and thus reduce the noise level.
Each of us has probably dealt with natural cork in our lives. It is a universal material and common to use. Works well at home and at work, such as cork boards, which allow you to organize your time and organize your notes. Instead of the traditional cork board, we also recommend a cork adhesive wallpaper that is mounted on the wall. On it you can pin photos or pictures, phone numbers and important notes.
Cork pads are used in everyday life, where they are perfect as coasters for hot dishes. If you want to create such home items yourself, just purchase a roll cork (thickness from 0.8 to 10 mm) and cut interesting patterns from it. This product is also ordered by companies that produce advertising gadgets.

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We are the largest store selling articles made of natural cork. We started our activity several years ago, with a small magazine, which then grew to a much larger size. Today we import the highest quality cork from Portugal, which is considered a unique raw material for everyday use. We offer reasonable prices and fast delivery. We offer attractive discounts for larger orders.



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